What is a “Shadow Council”

A Shadow Council is a number of non-elected individuals who follow the actions and decisions of the elected council and act to ensure that taxpayers are fully informed on the positive and negatives of what is discussed and decided by the elected council, Clearview staff or their legal advisors.

Anyone with an opinion can become a “Shadow Councillor” on this site simply by commenting on one of our articles or commentaries. Agree, disagree or add to the content of an article and you’ll be expanding on the viewpoints expressed on this site and giving taxpayers a wider view of governance in Clearview township than you’ll find from attending a council meeting.

Being outside of the limitations of elected office means that a Shadow Council can consist of residents with verifiable expertise in fields such as software security, budgeting, accessibility and ecology able to bring to the elected council the types of considerations and business experience that cannot always be found in an elected council where, in Ontario, there are no requirements for education standing or experience for elected officials.

The content of many articles is also sent by email to the elected council for their comments and responses to questions. In those cases we identify at the end of the article when and to whom the article and any questions were sent. Elected council can either respond to us directly or in their own words through the comments section of the appropriate article.

A refusal to respond to our questions is a pretty good indication that YOUR council is not interested in ensuring that YOUR views are taken into account in their deliberations and votes.

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