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Unfortunately, since the coming of the Sage/Vanderkruys and now Sage/Measures administration to the Township of Clearview there have been many changes to the rights and ability of concerned citizens to freely identify and address the obvious problems of governance and staffing in Clearview.

The near elimination of volunteers from committees of council, the takeover of the roles of those volunteers by staff members and the record keeping of meetings being totally controlled by even MORE new staff means that the legislated transparency of our local government has almost been eliminated and the records of our municipality are becoming riddled with misinformation.

With the creation of their “Annoying Customer Policy”, staff finally had our “rubber stamp” council put in place the ideal way to shut down any form of criticism from taxpayers of the way it functions. Using a municipal tribunal where the accused has no knowledge they are being discussed, have no right to know with what they are charged, do not know their accusers, cannot appear to defend themselves and, despite the wording of the policy, are never told how they can appeal and all done in secret with no public records of the “trial”, staff is now able to shut down anyone who can see what they are doing!

The new “Code of conduct” for councillors then takes this one step further and protects staff from any investigation or questioning based on the undefined terms “professional(ism) and means that STAFF is fully in control of Clearview and can do just what they want with impunity knowing that councillors are handcuffed and subject to an Ethics Commissioner who worked to author the code and has a proven track record for refusing to act on at least one formal complaint!

Welcome to the Township of Clearview where STAFF, NOT YOUR ELECTED COUNCIL, is now fully in control of your tax dollar!

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