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    In 2018 Taxpayers footed the bill for the losses of the Small Halls Festival to the tune of $22,078 or $3.53 for each household in Clearview and that does not, as best we can determine, include the costs for staff involved in the preparation and running of the event, the media costs (CTV Barrie etc) and the full color brochure sent to all 6000 taxpaying households.

    With the number of employees allocated to “Community Culture and Tourism” the unrecorded costs of their time and expenses attributable to the “festival” must be substantial. A council having any concern for how property taxes are being used for non-beneficial (to taxpayers) purposes needs to start “cost centering” for all events so that taxpayers can see just what they are being required to finance.

    If events such as the Small Halls Festival cannot be run without a “taxpayer bailout” (even if it was included in the budget), then basic economics would dictate either the ticket costs be increased to ensure zero losses or the whole festival should be cancelled!

    We were also told that the information for the 2019 Festival would not be available until May 01, 2020, so how can Mayor Measures statement in the latest copy of “The Clear View” be certain of the success of this year’s festival when the income and expense statements are not available. Is he withholding that information because it’s a continuance of the 2018 losses?

    Come clean Mayor Measures, the 2019 numbers should be available, let’s see them so that taxpayers can determine if you and your council are using their property taxes for the benefit of the few (+visitors) instead of fixing the “huge” number of infrastructure deficiencies directly impacting the majority of Clearview taxpayers waiting years for sidewalks to be put in or fixed.

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