We respectfully suggest that when sending any emails to the Township of Clearview you request a “DELIVERY RECEIPT” confirming that the message was delivered to the townships email server and the recipient. We have seen numerous requests for records rejected by Clerk for the Township of Clearview as having not been found EVEN THOUGH we have the delivery receipts showing that the email was received by the ““!

The Township, through its lawyers has previously advised us that emails sent to councillors are subject to access and reading by some members of the non-elected STAFF!

There is no guarantee of privacy for communications by email to your elected


To contact all of council through their single email address:

Contact your representatives on Clearview council:

ELECTED Mayor Doug Measures, member at-large:

ACCLAIMED Deputy Mayor Barry Burton, member at-large:

ELECTED Ward 1 Councillor Ed Christie:

ELECTED Ward 2 Councillor Doug McKechnie:

ELECTED Ward 3 Councillor John Broderick:

ACCLAIMED Ward 4 Councillor Robert Walker:

ELECTED Ward 5 Councillor Thom Paterson:

ACCLAIMED Ward 6 Councillor Connie Leishman:

ELECTED Ward 7 Councillor John Lamers:

To contact our “Shadow council”:

If you have pictures of accessibility issues (broken sidewalks, tools impeding pathways, broken bridges etc) please send with a  description of the location and date and we’ll get them to the Mayor for action:

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