In Clearview, DOGS get better treatment than the physically disabled

It is unfortunate that the disdain of certain members of council, members of committees and senior staff towards the disabled who work for change both for ourselves and the many other visible and invisibly disabled members of our community has fallen to the level where the former chair of the Clearview Accessibility Committee seemingly “allowed and supported” by council and staff can denigrate attempts by the disabled to improve the lives of the over 2000 members of our community that live with various disabilities with the following:

i have enough of all your comments .it is not my job to wash your dirty laundry. get a live” 

I believe that the fact that there has not been any form of written retraction or apology from the writer, the committee, nor council as a whole and the fact that the writer still sits on the committee confirms that the council for the Township of Clearview agrees with his statement and considers my concerns about accessibility to not be worthy of discussion or reference.

Since the accessibility Committee sees fit to ignore my written notifications of accessibility failures, the following is just ONE example of the failure of this council, staff and the Accessibility Committee to look after the interests of the disabled and to ensure that the requirements of the Accessibility Act are being followed.

Future articles will highlight even more of the issues with disability and accessibility in Clearview and will be copied to the three Ontario ministries responsible for accessibility.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then the following images tell the full story about the way Clearview Township treats those of us with physical disabilities compared with “a man’s best friend”.

The parking area and entrances at the Stayner Dog Park are level and covered with crushed stone. Even the surround to the dog waterier is levelled with crushed stone and the waterier even works!

The grass surface of the dog park is level and easy for those with “walkers” to use and patrons have plenty of tables/benches all with Clearview umbrellas so you can sit in the sun. Even the dog drinking fountain is at “ground level” and nowhere in that park is there any sloped access for wheel chairs.

If a DOG PARK can be engineered to be accessibly compliant why does the Township of Clearview not also require its “PEOPLE PARKS” to be equally accessible and have the same concern for access as the Township provides for DOGS?

In contrast, residents of Creemore have to put up with impediments to safe access to the Gowan Park.

These impediments were in place for over three weeks EVEN THOUGH this picture was sent to the local councillor and COUNCIL asking for staff to remedy this dangerous situation for both the disabled and fully motive residents:

Large sheet of expanded steel used for levelling pitches placed across entrance way to Gowan Park.

Length of old fencing that is dragged behind a lawn tractor and left for over a month across the entrance to Gowan Park

South entrance to Gowan Park showing uneven ground and tree roots that have to be navigated by those with walking issues

Just after the main South entrance is an area that is channelled, rocky and sloped with tree roots making it dangerous for those who have difficulty walking.

This new building was apparently “engineered” and therefore would have underwent a full building inspection BEFORE being opened.

If that is so, why did the architect not specify cement slopes conforming to the AODA specifications and WHY did the Clearview building inspectors allow the building to be used when there is this obvious deficiency in their approval process?

The new building lacks an outside drinking fountain, has large button operated doors but its only usable if those in wheelchairs can navigate the temporary crushed stone slopes that are hardly wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.



An emergency button in the washroom provides an alarm for anyone having difficulties

Large door open/close buttons aid those with disabilities.


Slope of crushed stone added to the NEW building in Gowan Park in a failed attempt to to provide an AODA compliant sloped access for wheelchairs. With the garbage can in the way it’s not even wide enough for a wheelchair to use SAFELY.


Then, of course, dogs get their working ground level water fountain and humans get……

The water fountain in Gowan Park has never been accessible for anyone in a wheelchair and currently does not even work.


  • Did the Accessibility Committee do their required AODA compliance evaluation of the new building and its surrounding landscaping?
  • If they did HOW did this NEW facility obtain an approval?

If they did an evaluation and it was approved, then council needs to go back and check ALL of the other facilities (small halls et al) using some better qualified committee members and building inspectors that will work for the benefit of the disabled in our community.

If you have pictures of impediments to accessibility in Clearview Township feel free to send them by email to

Please include a description of the location along with the date the image was taken and we’ll make sure it is sent to the Mayor for action.



  1. Brilliant! Pictures say everything.

  2. That’s your story! This is what Mayor Measures and CAO Sage (who with a salary above $180,000 a year cannot even afford a suit to represent us at the senior levels of government) are promoting as THEIR actions on accessibility….

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