Thank you councillors Thom Paterson and Doug McKechnie

…. for voting against the 2018-2019 Clearview STAFF-centric budget thereby confirming that only 1/3 of our ELECTED representatives have any understanding of the financial constraints in the “there is only one taxpayer” bank account.

The 2019 budget came down to being approved by just 4 ELECTED councillors (Measures, Christie, Broderick and Lamers)!

With one third of Clearview councillors not having been ELECTED by the residents of Clearview in 2018 (Burton, Walker and Leishman, who has NEVER been elected) but effectively put in place by the 25 parties signing off on their application to stand, it’s interesting to see who is front and centre in picking our pockets to maintain the questionable status shown below.

  • Currently FIRST in 2019 for Highest municipal (only) tax increase in this area (4.89%,). Springwater, DM Burtons choice of comparator, was just 1.93% with not all comparators reporting on this date.
  • FIRST in 2017 for Highest property taxes per household in the area ($4,143)
  • FIRST in 2017 for largest number of full-time funded staff per 1000 households (10.09)
  • FIRST in 2017 for the highest staff benefits costs per household ($243)
  • Second ($3,794) behind Tay ($3,902.00) for “own use” taxes per household (2017)
  • Second ($3,573) behind Essa ($4,818) for total liabilities (2017) per household (2017)
  • Third (16) behind Springwater (17) and Tay (17) for the highest number of staff per 1000 households (2017)
  • Third ($144.36) behind Wasaga Beach ($209.00) and Ramara ($147.59) for the highest sunshine list salary costs per household (2017)

When the maintenance of these “bragging rights” takes precedence over providing the basic services for residents (sidewalks for example), many of whom are on fixed incomes with inflation indexing far below the salary increases for staff and council, its time to re-evaluate WHY do we have a council that does almost nothing to improve the quality of residence for Clearview taxpayers.

If you are concerned that these numbers are from 2017, send off an email to YOUR councillor asking why the filings for 2018 Financial Information Return (FIR) due no later than MAY 31, 2019 have still not been filed (August 11, 2019).

Mayor Measures, Deputy Mayor Burton and Councillor Paterson, Council as a whole and the Province were asked that question on August 06 and AS USUAL they have seen fit to ignore this request.

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