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I’ve been a resident of Ontario for over 50 years and I have never seen a news release from any government that analyses, highlights and discusses the salary and benefits difference between the public and private sectors that finally puts some numbers on why our property taxes are so high.

Between 2003 and 2018, average salaries of all employees in the Ontario public sector, including those making less than $100,000, increased by 48.1%

By 2017, the average private sector worker earned $16,049 less than the average Ontario public sector employee.

  • Public sector average $63,856
  • Private sector average $47,807
  • So equivalent costs for private salaries is 74.87% of that for public

Let’s see what that disparity between the Private and Public sectors means to Clearview taxpayers:

The total wage and benefits bill for Clearview in 2017 (from the Financial Information Returns published by the Province of Ontario) was $6,805,821

Using the Ontario Governments own figures in the graph above, the wage and benefits bill for an equivalent private sector organisation in 2017 would have been $5,095,306

So, the difference that Clearview taxpayers are paying their public sector staff in total wages and benefits bill for 2017 over the equivalent salaries and benefits in the private sector is $1,710,515

With 6,207 residences in Clearview this difference would mean a reduction in per household property tax of over….$275.00 PER YEAR!

That is just for the Clearview municipal portion of the taxes,, If we add in the savings from the County of Simcoe level of government the savings for each household will be even more.

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