3.  Will you implement the unedited audio recording of ALL meetings of council  and make them available within two days of a meeting on the clearview.ca web site? This process will be in place within 30 days of the election.

4. Will you, with the participation of ALL residents who wish to provide input, develop a
Clearview Taxpayer Charter Of Rights ?

The document should set out the various ways that residents can communicate their concerns and questions to COUNCIL and STAFF and should include the necessary commitments to timely responses to communications from ANYONE without discrimination or the use of the current BANNING process to limit the ability of residents to obtain information on the way that the Township is being run.

5. Will you change the current "complaints policy" so that complaints are dealt with by council NOT staff.

In this way council will be made aware of any issues or concerns related to the manner in which staff is dealing with the public? Complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days and processed in no more than 14 days. Having elected councillors investigate and decide on complaints will allow any dissatisfied resident to resort to the Integrity Commissioner where concerns such as nepotism can be dealt with.

6. Will you publish a full listing of the nepotism relationships of staff and council within 15 days of taking office.

7. Will you, Within 60 days of being elected, take control of the township BACK from staff into the hands of your elected councillors by making them the initial input for residents  questions and concerns.

In that way council will know exactly what residents are thinking and asking and can therefore ensure that the support services of staff are in "sync" with the needs of the community?

8. Will you withdraw Clearview from any "shared" participation with the county and appoint those entities that will not further burden Clearview taxpayers to those roles, where there is a "zero tax burden" oversight organization such as the Ontario Ombudsman who is already paid with OUR tax dollars that can handle matters such as "Closed meeting investigations"?

9. Will you ensure that, with no extra staff funding, the requirements of AODA compliance will be fully met on all media by the timetable set down in the accessibility legislation.?

10. Will you hold non-union staff salary and benefit increases down to the same increases as our seniors get in their Canada pension benefits?

11. Will you ensure that the councillors sitting on a committee of council such as the Creemore BIA or Accessibility Committee attend ALL meetings and require a substitute councillor(s) to be present if the designated member(s) cannot be present?

12. Will you put in place a revised 'Code of Conduct" FOR STAFF crafted AFTER public input, that includes penalties that include termination for cause if a staff member is found to have lied in the performance of their duties or where there are deficiencies in the manner in which they undertake duties under the Municipal Act?
Some platform idea's for the "Chris and Doug  Show" that I'd like to see answered.
BEFORE the election, please tell us where YOUR train is going:
If you are elected as the Mayor for Clearview Township:
1. In light of the loss of the 30% tax free status of council and county salaries,  I will provide a written guarantee as to the maximum levels of pay for councillors, Mayor and Deputy Mayor, that will I will vote for and to be in force for the full four years of my term.

2. As per the changes to the Municipal Act, I will name the representatives,
all of whom will be elected individuals from this township, that I will be delegating to represent you at the County of Simcoe. This in order to guarantee that for EVERY meeting there will be known parties representing the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Of course either of you promoting:

A. Reducing the size of Clearview council from 9 down to 5.

B. Making all councillors full time paid positions possibly with benefits

C. Paying for full-time councillors by eliminating the CAO role (not required under the Municipal Act and freeing up $180.000 per year to pay those councillors to be full-time)

D. Allowing the five elected councillors to chose the Mayor and Deputy Mayor from their own council.

E. Making all elections at large by getting rid of wards"

This would get rid of the ridiculous situation that we have for this election of un-opposed individuals being made councilors without

Might just get my vote!