This year (2019) there are 10 members of Clearview staff on the Ontario Sunshine list.

  Taking an average $152,566 in individual salaries for a total cost to Clearview taxpayers of $1.52 MILLION.

  The AVERAGE staff salary for 2018 was $90,588 an increase of 32% for each of the 83 employees over the 2017 numbers.

  Staff costs have increased by 47.05% (2009-2018) while staff numbers (2009-2018) dropped by 28%.

  CAO Sage says he is non essential in the scheme of things (as stated by him during March 26 council meeting) but the Director of Public Works is essential. On those grounds as expressed by the CAO himself, council should be eliminating the role of CAO and instead make the role a joint one of CAO and a NEW Clerk as is being done in a number of other jurisdictions.

While the provincial government is trying to hold governmental salaries to below 1%.  the free spending councillors of Clearview keep paying staff well in excess of both the government guidelines and the wage increases of the average worker in Ontario.

Clearview taxation (lower tier only) has increased by 69.82% (2009-2018) 

  Simcoe taxation (upper tier only) has increased by 25.32% (2009-2018)

  Education taxation has decreased by 3.20% (2009-2018)

Yet with all these increases in staff costs and taxes the population of Clearview has only grown by 0.45% (2009-2018)

Why are civil servants (and in the Case of Clearview, councillors who voted themselves a raise that is based upon the raises they vote in for senior staff - Is that not a conflict of interest?) not being required to give up the recently, rushed through council, wage increases for the period of Covid 19 complications especially since most of them according to the Clearview web site are no longer “working for a living”?
Title  Salary+benefits   Increase since 2018   Increase since 2015
Chief Administrative Officer $208,005.15 4.23% 16.99%
Director of Legislative Services/Clerk $156,213.90 2.48% 5.83%
General Manager, Environmental Services $157,824.84 10.95% 14.94%
Director of Community Services $156,213.90 2.48% 16.62%
General Manager of Recreation $144,965.42 Hired 2019 Hired 2019
Them and us:

If you are a small business or an employee of a local business who will be forced out of work by the edicts of government. Maybe you’d like to know just how much senior staff at Clearview are being paid: (from 2019 Sunshine list +33% benefits as verbally stated in previous budget meetings by former staff member Henley), NONE OF WHOM are currently laid-off

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