For my cancer treatment I was required to take one drug for which the prescription specified 4mg tablets. When I went to the pharmacy, I was told that the drug was on backorder (until September) so it was not available as a 4mg tablet.

However, 2mg tablets of the same drug were readily available but they are not covered by the Provinces drug plan, resulting in me having to pay $80.00 for a 1-month supply instead of the $4.11 dispensing fee.

Who is making the decisions to limit medication availability under the provincial drug plan to the amount of a specific drug in a tablet?

The name of the drug should be sufficient to allow its supply of any size under the plan, NOT some arbitrary decision related to the size of the tablet by some bureaucrat!
Drug plan insanity:
This comment from Peter Lomath, Creemore, Ontario
Prescription cost increases for seniors because of Covid 19
As a 74-year-old registered disabled person with one lung who has just completed radiation treatment for cancer and who has to use a a wheelchair to get around, I’m defined as one of those most at risk for dying from Covid 19.

Like many other retired persons, seniors who have ensured that their financial situation in retirement is free of debt are the ones who are still paying our property, income and other taxes to keep Ontario running yet we are being treated by all levels of government, the banks, car insurers and industry organisations as “piggy banks” to keep paying civil servants given big increases not to work and to maintain the profits of large corporations.
Who is really running Ontario as regards drug costs?
The recent decision by the pharmacy support groups to limit the supply of medications to 30 days because of unsupported shortages means I’m now having to pay 3 times as much for the medications that allow me to have a reasonable life and the Ford government supports that increased cost!

Even with the relatively low single prescription fee of $4.11 being charged for a 30-day supply (AFTER the $100.00 yearly fee due in August), this soon adds up (in my case last month because of the cancer drugs and pain killer to almost $70.00 or typically what I have left to spend on food for the week) an amount that I will soon have difficulty finding.

This increase is brought on by the government and an industry organisation supporting its members and using an invalid excuse (currently non-existent shortages) for its reasoning to rip off consumers. 

After my radiation treatements ended I was told by three cancer specialists that if Marijuana is working to ease the pain of not being able to walk due to my cancer and for which they cannot issue a prescription, then go ahead and use it!
Because the Ford Administration has seen fit to close the recently opened marijuana outlets, I’d like to thank my local suppliers all of whom with the closure of the only “legal” sources for the product will still deliver to me using prescribed  distance rules and for a cost about 50% less than the system put in place by the various levels of government - THANK YOU
The continuing mismanagement of the marijuana sales system by the Province.
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