Animation showing just how fast the United States became the country with the largest number of Covid 19 cases
This is a good example of why something should not be taken solely on face value, individual statistics don’t tell the full story and governments need to ensure that their decisions are based on the use of comparative statistics.

If you view this example as the way that the Covid 19 virus grew within each listed country (forget the actual numbers) it is good example of the way that cases grew around the world and where they were concentrated.
Although the end of the animation shows the U.S. to have more Covid 19 cases than any other country it does not show deaths. The U.S, has population of over 330 million and had over 40,000 deaths as of April 20.

The five largest countries in Western Europe - the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain have a total combined population of roughly 320 million. Total number of Coronavirus deaths in those five countries was over 85,000, making the impact in those countries in terms of the number of deaths TWICE that of the U.S. for a similar population scale.

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