How can residents help with this uncovering of bad governance in Clearview?
The simplest way to help is to "spread the word" about these sites through emails to other residents, submissions to your social media sites, letters to the editors of our local papers and by simple word of mouth. The more people that know about these sites, the better chance there is for them to go into the polling booth with a better understanding of what this council and staff have tried to hide.
Are you running for office?
I am not running for election so nothing on these sites relates to me or any of our group running for office. I find the thought of having to sit at the same table as those who have banned me in a secret tribunal that took place without my knowledge, at which I was not told with what I was charged, had no opportunity to offer any defense and can STILL NOT, despite the assertions of Vanderkruys in last weeks Simcoe.com article. obtain details of the referenced "appeal" to be against EVERYTHING that I have believed in for the past 52 years of living in Canada!

These sites do not support ANY NEW candidates running for office. Excepting to possibly point out a specific issue that might be a "platform issue" for a NEW candidate we will not be taking a position "for or against" any NEW candidate . For example, any support for the expansion of allowing 4 wheelers on to our in-town residential roads, ESPECIALLY those with no sidewalks will be highlighted as serious safety concern.

That said we will be taking a very hard line with current members of council since it is their failure to control staff with their support of bullying and discrimination by the use of their "annoying customer policy"  that has lead to most of the issues covered by these sites.
When will you be adding new articles?
We are going to be adding one or two articles each week at least until the time of the election, in Clearview there is no shortage of content for us to research and comment upon, and the current appeals with the Privacy Commissioner also need to be kept up to date. Here are two that are almost ready for next week, we just have to put together the "evidence" files in Acrobat format'
What if I have an issue I'd like to see published?
Contact us at clearviewtownship@protonmail.ch with full details of your article. PLEASE ENSURE that it is supported with EVIDENCE in the form of letters to/from the township or your councillor, FOI requestsa nd responses etc.

We will not publish articles that do not meet our standards for publishable evidence of the content of the article.
Will you help me file a Freedom of Information request?
We'll work with you to craft an FOI request, just remember it can only be for RECORDS, you cannot ask for anything else and in Clearview there are numerous cases where records cannot be found, so unless you can provide a copy relevant to the request, you will probably end up having to appeal the decision. So that you understand just how much work the staff at Clearview will give you to file and appeal a FOI request, have a look at this article:
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