Each year the name of every government civil servant with a salary over $100,000 per year appears on the annual "Sunshine list".

In 2016, just 7 staff members were receiving over 1 million dollars in salaries and taxable benefits plus in some cases their undisclosed benefit for the use of township vehicles which the CRA considers to be a non-taxable benefit.
Previously, council has told us that these types of wage and benefits increases are REQUIRED to make Clearview competitive!

However increases of the types we are seeing in Clearview for the CAO far exceed the levels that can be found elsewhere for SIMILARLY or even far better QUALIFIED municipal staff.

We were advised by Councilor Davidson that the Mayor of Clearview, a civil servant himself with the City of Barrie is one of the two people (councilor Walker is the other) recommending increases. When we filed a Freedom of Information request for the records showing if the Mayor had disclosed a pecuniary conflict of interest it was deemed by the delegated "head" (the clerk) to be a vexatious request and a response was denied (currently under complaint with the Privacy Commissioner).

Our concern is that the setting of high salary levels in Clearview has the potential to drastically increase the salary of Mayor Vanderkruys for his position with Barrie in order for Barrie to remain competitive with Clearview and for that reason the Mayor should recuse himself from any and all aspects of the setting of the salaries of civil servants (his PEER group) in Clearview.

In 2017, the "club" now includes 8 staff members and a cost to taxpayers of over 1.15 MILLION dollars!

What this government list does NOT show, is what those civil servants are
COSTING taxpayers for salary+benefits.

When you look at the "package" of
short working weeks, lengthy (Up to an estimated 12 weeks for the CAO based on the number of "out of office" email responses over the past year) annual holidays, taxable and non-taxable benefits (for some the tax-free use of those bright shiny new Clearview trucks along with insurance and gas/maintenance that they get to take HOME every night) and their pension "benefits" packages, that list suddenly becomes a "VERY BRIGHT Sunshine list" for those lucky enough to be included!

The numbers in the following table (2016) were provided to the Township of Clearview giving them an opportunity to correct any errors to ensure that the information we are giving to the public is correct; the response was that they were not going to provide any further information nor did not they make any changes to the numbers for vacation time, working hours and non-taxable benefits that we had advised them were estimates drawn from other sources.

If you think that getting a 22% or a 15% pay increase is disgusting in today's economy, try asking your elected representative to tell you who is authorizing such increases, the reason for such an increase and if council voted to approve such an increase. If they tell you it's to "remain competitive", start looking at the qualifications of these two individuals to see just how they really stack up to their peers in other organizations OUTSIDE OF GOVERNMENT!
Image of purple million dollar FAKE bill
Clearview Taxpayers very own $1 Million BILL!
Image of table showing remuneration for staff