Speeding 2018 - Clearview councils idea of "traffic Calming" doesn't work!
Mayor Vanderkruys was on Channel 3 (CKVR) television in Barrie last week extolling the "TRAFFIC CALMING" that he is going to bring to Stayner.

Residents of Stayner BEWARE, if they implement the same
STOP sign system implemented in Creemore, anyone living within a quarter of a mile of the interchange is going to have to put up with squealing tires, revving engines and ever increasing speeds as vehicles use the stop location as the starting line for a drag strip!
Picture of Community safety zone sign
The Ministry of Transportation advises that STOP signs are not to be used as speed controls - but of course the MOT does not know their business.

Clearview councillors know better, so they voted to add
STOP signs on George and Mary Streets in an attempt to slow down traffic.

A few weeks after the
STOP signs were installed (don't staff have any way to make the post vertical) they added Community Safety Zone signage.

Well folks, when there are rarely ever any police around to monitor speeds (sorry 3.00 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon is hardly a high traffic period for Creemore) the THREAT of bigger fines does not mean Diddley Squat!
Anyone looking at our road and traffic situation will soon see that one of biggest SAFETY problems is the lack of continuous sidewalks within our residential areas and that is due in most part to the failure of Staff to follow the recommendations given to them by their consultants in 2009, YES, that's almost 10 years ago and yet Mr Sage (former roads person) and Mr LeMay (current roads person) have not made that any form of a priority in their "planning".
George Street was identified in that report  to need a sidewalk for safety reasons since many children and older residents with walkers and wheelchairs need to use the street to get to their mailboxes, access Gowan Park and get to the village.
Almost 10 years later George Street does not have any sidewalks across Gowan Park.
So, anyone using George street for walking needs to be very careful.

Although some speeds have dropped, there has now been in an increase in the use by this road of unlicensed motorcycles, 4 Wheelers (in some case being driven by VERY YOUNG drivers) and the many cars trying to play catchup after being forced to
STOP at the new signs.

Until such time as council steps in and sets the timetable for STAFF to meet what the engineers advised 10 years ago, George Street will remain one of the busiest and most dangerous roads in Clearview
Picture of Mary Street, Creemore, with speed bumps
The one thing that does work are the "speed bumps" every 20 feet at the top of Mary street where it meets CTY Rd 9.

Nothing to do with planning, just the poorly filled trenches left from hooking the new subdivision up to the sewers, but nobody comes ripping down that section of the road and speeds are diminished UNTIL they hit the start line for the drag strip at the

So, neighbors in Stayner, have Mayor Vanderkruys explain EXACTLY how he and council are going to "calm traffic" and if its modeled on the damage they have done in Creemore, tell them YOU DON'T WANT IT!

Take stroll down memory lane...
If you click on the Acrobat button above, you'll be able to see the report that has been ignored for almost 10 years related to sidewalks and a letter that I sent to council some 4 years ago on the state of what becomes George Street in Creemore when it comes in from Airport Road.

If you print off a copy of that letter and take a stroll down "memory lane" you'll see just how little has been done in the past 4 years towards ridding that road of the dangers of large holes, gravel piles from the "walking path". We can afford "DOG parks" with graveled parking lots and reasonably safe walking paths in the middle of nowhere but this council refuses to direct staff to do anything about the safety of the roads we travel every day!

Based on the above recommendations for additional sidewalks, we recommend the following high priority areas:

Creemore: Caroline Street is densely populated with prime public destinations - two parks, two churches, the library, and a school -
yet the sidewalks are highly discontinuous. We recommend that the priority in Creemore, with regards to sidewalk construction, should be Caroline Street. We also recommend that gaps in sidewalks (see Fig.l) be completed to provide continuity in the pedestrian network. Finally, we recommend installing a sidewalk on the George Street boundary of Gowan Park to provide access to the park from the new subdivision on George Street.