Speeding in the township of Clearview 2017
For the councillor from a ward far from Creemore who inferred that the citizens of Creemore were mistaken when they said there was a speeding problem on George Street in Creemore, here are a few of the pictures taken last year that show just who was wrong!

The information that this Councillor was using came from Staff who had positioned their measuring hardware in such a way as to introduce errors of as much as 30% (below the speed of the traffic) because of the way that the radar detector was aimed, in one case at the front door of a building opposite and at 45 degrees to the traffic path and less than 70 metres from a stop sign!

With that positioning is it any wonder that the results show that the traffic slowing down for the stop sign and at 45 degrees to the measuring device were not exceeeding the speed limit of 50Km/Hr!
Software: SPEEDCLOCK running on Ipad 2, Estimated accuracy at measuring point +- 2km/hr, speed limit 50km/hr Verified against roadside radar in Wasaga.
View showing the door at which the speed detector was focussed
Image of speed detector aimed at the door of a house opposite
The taxpayers of Clearview paid out thousands of dollars to purchase these speed testing systems, the least that they should expect is that Management would ensure that staff were properly trained in their placement to deliver ACCURATE speed measurements and that councillors would undertake at least some due diligence in ensuring that what they were being told by staff was accurate.

Maybe discussing these matters in council rather than in the regular early morning "staff coffee clutch" might lead to more due diligence by certain councillors ESPECIALLY those that are not impacted by their decision to put stop signs adjacent to those residents they dislike!

Map of loaction of speed detector outsdie the pub