Recent newspaper articles on a number of fires in Springwater have stated that Mr Shewell is also the "Interim Fire Chief" for Springwater Township.

We are concerned that the taxpayers of Clearview may not be receiving the level of service that they are paying for if Mr Shewell is spending a substantial amount of his time fighting the Springwater fires as referenced in the local newspapers.

Q - What were the grounds for increasing the salary and benefits of Fire Chief Sewell by 15.35% between 2015 and 2016?

Q - Is there is any agreement between Springwater and Clearview that clearly spells out the relationship, costing and time allocation between what it appears are the equivalent of two full-time jobs? (Please provide a copy)

Q - In light of the "full-time" status and commensurate pay levels being accorded Mr Shewell by Clearview, where might I find the releases from Clearview/Springwater that clearly identify that Mr Shewell has the "permission" of the councils of both municipalities to act as both a FIRE CHIEF and an Interim FIRE CHIEF at the same time?

Q - Are Clearview taxpayers paying for the full-time services of Mr Shewell with Springwater being charged back by Clearview for his services as "Interim Fire Chief"?

Q - If so, on what basis are the taxpayers of Clearview being recompensed for Springwater's utilization of Mr Shewells services? Hourly? Per occasion? By some other formulae?

Q - If not, is Springwater paying Mr Shewell directly for his services with Clearview taxpayers not being recompensed and if so at what rate, for what periods of time and under what working conditions?

Q - In this scenario is Mr Shewell billing Springwater under his own or a company name and if so what is the registered name, tax status and contact information for that company?

Posed to:
Mayor Vanderkruys, Councillor Walker and the Clerk for Springwater Township in regard to fire chief Shewel also being Interim Fire Chief for Springwater.
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The questions were asked of Clearview and Springwater in 2017 and to date have not received a response.

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