I recently sent council a picture of a staff member for the recreation department "blowing dust" around the parking lot at the Creemore arena. This on the same day that the sidewalks of Creemore had so much sand layered on the pavement as to make it difficult for anyone with a wheeled device (pram, walker) to navigate safely.

Although this picture was taken from the public roadway (Nikon 610 with a 600mm lens), it apparently (I'm told) infuriated staff and certain councillors, NOT for showing them how taxpayers dollars were being wasted but because I had actually taken the picture and sent it to them as an example of a staff member with "nothing better to do".

This member of staff can find the time to "blow dust" around a parking lot, but he cannot find the time to ensure that the park  is kept safe for use by the residents of Clearview or use his time to clear the Creemore sidewalks of sand to allow the disabled to use the sidewalks safely.
Health and safety  - "Blowing in the wind" and the Mill Street "desert" !
Staff blowing dust around arena parking lot - image 1
This is yet another example of the reason COUNCIL needs to START taking back control of Clearview from staff and implementing policies that place the safety of residents over "make work" projects to keep a "bloated" staff busy!