For some years I have been bringing to the attention of staff and council ongoing safety issues at Gowan Park in Creemore CAUSED by the refusal of recreation staff to store the implements they use to flatten the pitchers area ANYWHERE but in the pathway between the two gates used by many of us to get "uptown" without having to "share" the roadway with trucks on George Street.
Some months ago I sent a picture to Councilor Paterson and council with a request to have the 6x4 sheet of steel moved and stored in the far North West corner of the park.

That area is totally out of anyone's way yet still easily available to those who need to hook it up to a truck to pull it.

Because of the
BAN against me I cannot tell staff about it, they simply tell me my "communications has been forwarded to Councilor Paterson" following, to the letter, the CHILDISH instructions of the Mayor and to heck with the safety of our residents!
THREE WEEKS LATER the screens were still in the same place and partially hidden by leaves and snow as a "TRAP" waiting to catch an unaware user of the park. For anyone wondering why I have not moved it - It's beyond my capability to move it without potentially injuring myself, and having already been through an accident claim with Clearview, it's STAFF's responsibility so I'll wait and see if anyone gets injured, then I'll be happy to give their lawyer and Clearview's insurer the evidence of my ignored concerns.
Neither council nor the CAO would do anything about this safety issue - So much for Health and Safety in Clearview!
The health and safety of residents of Clearview Township - PARKS
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Let's make a danger into a BIGGER DANGER
A year AFTER the former chair of the accessibility committee met on-site with Mr LeMay (roads supervisor) about the danger due to the elevation of a water shutoff at George and Mary, the initially dangerous issue was made much bigger by the solution implemented by the township.
There are numerous "latex modified cement products" that could have been used to smooth out the "bump" across a larger area that would have resulted in a minimization of the dangers of this problem to ALL walkers.

Instead STAFF decided to add a couple of hundred unattached "BALL BEARINGS" to the equation, thereby increasing the danger of an accident because asphalt does not stick well to dirty concrete!
On the subject of roads manager LeMay, last year I was told by my councillor to contact Mr LeMay over two issues that the councillor had been shown related to safety, the one above and another on the main street of Creemore.

I took the time to request a meeting (in writing) and over a year later there has been no response or any attempt by Mr LeMay to contact me. So it appears that staff believes a "single finger salute" to councillors is also appropriate in regard to situations where a councillor has advised a resident to  contact a specific member of staff to deal with a safety issue!