Anyone who has been following the current problems with the Federal Phoenix payroll system that will eventually cost taxpayers $millions or $billions to fix should be concerned by the way that Clearview staff are handling the "design" of the new web presence(s).

Will the new website(s) meet the requirements for accessibility?

Highly unlikely since as much as 90% of the content already exists and it's not AODA compliant and staff is fighting every effort to meet the compliance dates set out in legislation. Under the current Ontario Laws that new website needs to be fully AODA compliant when it goes "live" - no more excuses from council and staff for that to be a "future" requirement, the RFQ should have clearly defined AODA Compliance for ALL data available from the site as a requirement of the RFQ!

Will the search engine be "common across all of the expected web sites?

Currently each web site has its own unique search engine, none of which can be used to obtain results from all web sites from a  single search window. In addition, those sites using Wordpress ( for example) are using 20 year old "search engine" technology that fails on almost every count to find and allow access to the records of bylaws and policies

WHY were residents not given an opportunity to say what THEY wanted in a web site BEFORE the order was placed?

It was only AFTER the order was given to a BC company (are there no competent providers in this area?) that a 5 section "survey" that included one answer "OTHER" that did not allow the respondent to state what "other" meant in their response was published in a feeble attempt to "involve" users of the Clearview web sites.

With that survey coming after the issuance of the RFQ and the "design" spec, there is little chance that ANY CONSIDERATION to the needs of users has been incorporated into the design, instead it's been created SOLELY to be a vehicle for staff "propaganda" with a search capability intended to ensure that the information being sought cannot easily be found.

Over the last 3 years the "quality" and lack of a common search engine covering ALL of the NEW and unrelated Clearview Township web sites, indicates that Clearview has not got a clue about what the residents of the community need and expect from their portal to governance! It seems that every department now has the right to create their own web presence without having any concern for the user. The result is that we have a "mix" of content managements systems, none of which interface well, none of which can be searched from a single location and all developed since the township hired its new "communications" manager who just happens to be the son-in-law of the Mayor!

The Clearview web sites should NOT be individual separately named sites, they should ALL have a common search engine, use common layouts and be available through ONE URL (

The fact that Clearview staff have implemented the two highly flawed (and with one already hacked) "Clerk and Planning" websites as their "current solution" to the problems of the main website should be an indication that there may be a lack of expertise within staff to provide to taxpayers the site they need to obtain current information on the Township of Clearview.

The new web presence. Will it be Clearview's very own "PHOENIX" project?