I then used his feedback section to post this comment:

"Common sense and respect" doth not maintain the records required of the Municipal Act.

With the meagre commenting by council before voting on almost everything that occurs at council meetings, most of us believe that any decisions are already being made in private and outside of public view. None of that information is ever recorded and neither would comments made in coffee clutches before regular council meetings. What is needed is a comprehensive taxpayer bill of rights that sets down the requirement for both councillors and staff members for timely (less than 5 days) responses to communications from residents WITHOUT being FORCED to pay for the FOI process.

So here's one vote against the idea of off-the-record coffee clutch meetings ahead of council meetings.

Here's a few other questions about what you might undertake as Mayor:

If elected will you be extending your stated beliefs for Integrity and Honesty to staff at the Township and all other members of council?

With the recent attempt by staff under CAO Sage to extract extra funding for AODA compliance on the backs of the disabled and the current appeals to the Privacy Commissioner proving the lack of honesty and integrity of responses by the delegated "Head for FOI", I'd be most interested to hear what YOU will be doing about those issues IF you become Mayor.

Also, to support your assertion of Integrity in your slogan, will you finally be providing proof for your public accusation of lying against the residents who created the clearviewtownship.com web site that were made immediately after the last election?

Thank you, I'm going to be very interested to see if any of this actually gets on to your blog. If not, expect to see these questions asked of you on clearviewtownship.com in the near future."

When I came to submit the comment there was no submit button, so I emailed his web company asking how to submit a comment. No reply
(just like dealing with Clearview Township and not good practice for a Collingwood web site designer for whom I might have been a client!)
If Doug was actually serious about listening to residents before council meetings, don't you think that he would have started off by allowing residents to start providing input BEFORE the election using his site to gather the concerns of ALL residents not just the ones he wishes to allow to participate in his council?
Anyone who has ever sat through a Clearview Council meeting will find that almost all of the time is spent dealing with government mandated processes, sufficiently boring that certain councillors have been seen to fall asleep.

On Sunday (Aug 19) I checked out the new web site for mayoral candidate Doug Measures and read his BLOG promoting the concept of public input before council meetings.
Doug Measures - From bi-directional BLOG to uni-directional OPINION in just 24 hours

Part of this problem is the way in which CAO Sage is almost totally in charge of all governance in Clearview.

He is still refusing to give councillors the formulae needed to understand and evaluate the budget and the way staff has "engineered" it. Even a councillor who wishes to have someone with an accounting background or a group of his or her own constituents evaluate the budget generated by staff in order to go to council with a full understanding of the complexity does not have the data available to do so.

Mr Measures has been supporting this form of representation (by staff) since he became a councillor and from the way he went from inviting input to giving just HIS opinion, I suspect that if he does unseat Mr Vanderkruys there is not going to be any change in the way that Clearview is governed.
Very little due diligence is performed by councillors on "important" matters such as the budget where almost no real questions are asked about what staff is proposing and there is virtually no "delving" into the numbers.

Its become a truly rubber stamp council. Staff tells council what they want and council gives it to them. Most residents believe that the process of government in Clearview takes place outside of the council meetings and that only the final vote is taken at a meeting.
"I was recently asked about the redevelopment of the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital.   Our council has been very clear about our community support for the Hospital.  The prefered location on the Poplar Side Road was supported in a motion of Clearview Council.    Councillor Patterson served on the Hospital Board for several years and brought forward a motion to create the special reserve fund that I mention in my response.  I voted in-favour of the special reserve account.  My family has been served very well by the G&M Hospital as I am sure your family has been too.   My sons were born there, my wife worked there for over 24 years, and I recently had successful knee surgery at the CGMH.     I am very happy to see that Collingwood Council has made an ask to the Province to designate the Poplar SdRd site as the location for our future Hospital.

response to a question:

Hi Mike,

Great to hear from you.   Thanks for the good wishes.

It is a priority for Clearview to see a redevelopment of the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital.   Our council established a municipal reserve fund and directed our Treasurer to support the fund from direct taxation with annual contributions that will build our portion of the municipal contribution once the ask is made to do so.    The reserve fund remains with Clearview until a direction of council is given that will move it to the Hospital.     We expect that each of the partner municipalities will be called upon to support some of the capital in the redevelopment. 
Given our small tax base, we felt it important to create this reserve fund as soon as reasonable to do so.   I believe it passed at our recent municipal budget and will now be part of our annual reserve contributions.  As the redevelopment moves forward, we may need to reassess the level of contributions in order to meet the needs of the partnership of the capital works.

I would hope that the partner municipalities of Collingwood, Wasaga Beach and The Blue Mountains will see their way to create and fund similar reserves.

Call me anytime Mike."
It's good that Mr Measures acknowledged our small tax base, maybe he'll bring the staffing  and pay levels for Clearview back into line with that "small tax base"!

With regard to the hospital funding: When the person that voted for the budget
is not sure if the budget passed with that component then I think taxpayers need to worry about the role of Mr Measures as Mayor.

Another factor in this rush to fund the Collingwood hospital is that because of the lack of available doctors in Clearview, many residents are having to go to adjoining municipalities for their medical services and those doctors may not have rights in Collingwood.

So BEFORE putting all of the funding into Collingwood, I believe that Mr Measures should be undertaking a study to see just how many of us are sent to the hospital facilities in Barrie, Meaford, Alliston and Newmarket. My family, resident in Creemore for 19 years, has had a lot more visits to hospitals other than Collingwood during that period.

Here's another "OPINION piece " from Doug's site regarding hospital funding:
On MONDAY, I went back to see if my comments had been accepted and lo and behold the BLOG is now changed to OPINION with no comment section available for feedback or discussion!