COVID-19-Essential-Workplace-Recommendations.pdf (Durham Health Department)
COVID-19-IPAC-Group-Home-Settings.pdf (Durham Health Department)
COVID-19-Physical-Distancing.pdf (Durham Health Department)
factsheet-covid-19-environmental-cleaning.pdf (Public Health Ontario)
factsheet-covid-19-guide-isolation-caregivers.pdf (Public Health Ontario)
factsheet-covid-19-guide-physical-distancing.pdf (Public Health Ontario)
factsheet-covid-19-guide-take-care-yourself-others.pdf (Public Health Ontario)
factsheet-covid-19-hand-hygiene.pdf (Public Health Ontario)
factsheet-covid-19-how-to-self-isolate.pdf (Public Health Ontario)
factsheet-covid-19-how-to-wear-mask.pdf (Public Health Ontario)
factsheet-covid-19-self-monitor.pdf (Public Health Ontario)
Novel-Coronavirus.pdf (Durham Health Department)
Novel-Coronavirus-Close-Contact.pdf (Durham Health Department)
Novel-Coronavirus-Home-Isolation.pdf (Durham Health Department)
Novel-Coronavirus-Home-Isolation-Contacts-Travellers.pdf (Durham Health Department)
Novel-Coronavirus-Self-Monitoring.pdf (Durham Health Department)
Novel-Coronavirus-Shelter-Service-Providers.pdf (Durham Health Department)
OCC-Pandemic-Preparedness-Toolkit-for-COVID-19_final.pdf (Ontario Chamber of Commerce)
There is a lot of information available from credible sources on Covid 19. The following links allow you to download ready for printing some of the information that we've found helpful as we've investigated about this threat to our health and lifestyle.
Concerned Clearview Citizens Group - Covid 19 pages on
May 09 - Two videos to cheer you up, Two LOCAL nurseries now OPEN for business, Updates in Downloads - ADDED, best practices for dealing with Covid 19 and a restart of your business - ADDED in DANGERS cleaning practices - ADDED in SURVEYS Small business results and links to resources