Clearview now has a NEWS site concentrating on its MANY local governance issues
As the first person to be BANNED from communicating with the staff and council of Clearview Township, this is MY way of bringing to the attention of residents and the one or two councilors whom I consider to give a care, what I see as the abysmal state of governance and representation in Clearview.

Although I am the registered owner of these two sites, I have a number of residents working with me who aid in the researching, analysis, gathering of data  and writing of these articles. I thank all of them for standing up for the rights of the citizens of Clearview in showing just how bad governance has become in this municipality.

ALL have asked that they not be identified in case they become the next targets for banning by this council! This shows just how big the fear factor has become in Clearview!
Ever since Councillor Measures (now running to be Mayor) made statements in a public meeting to the effect that we had lied on our web pages prior to the 2014 election (he still refuses to provide proof of his assertion) we have been "super diligent": in recording and sourcing evidence for EVERYTHING that now appears on our pages.

With the posting of this site I sent council an email advising them when it was going live and giving them an opportunity to dispute any aspect of its content AS LONG AS THEY WOULD PROVIDE PROOF OF WHAT THEY WERE DISPUTING!

For example if the financial data in the article "Million dollar bill found in Clearview" is deemed by them to be inaccurate, the publication of T4 slips and employment contracts showing the full details of the benefit packages, working hours, vacation time, non-taxable vehicle and non-taxable benefits (mobile phones etc) for the listed parties would be appropriate proof and with that I would be happy to make changes to the estimated data drawn from the sourced sunshine list and the FIR statements.

Communications manager Hendry (Son-in-law of Mayor Vanderkruys) has already turned down an opportunity to make any corrections to our 2016 data in that article, so on that basis since we are using the same parameters for 2017, we can only assume that our records as published are correct.
Because I believe in providing PROOF of everything that is covered on this site, you'll find on many pages that there is a button on the page header that will allow you to download, in Adobe Acrobat format, all of the records related to an article.
For example, if you click on the "Acrobat" button at the top of this page, you'll be able to download the three letters I have been sent by Mayor Vanderkruys that currently limits me to asking ONE question of 20 words or less each month and then ONLY of CAO Sage, who then allows staff to twist what I write to attempt to get council to approve another $30,000 for making making documents accessible!
Another "feature" of this site is that at the bottom of many articles are buttons linking to associated stories. For example clicking on this button will take you to the full story on the One Million plus costs for just 8 members of staff.
Is my "mantra". My records on Clearview township span over 17 years of keeping an eye on our councils and staff and unlike the Clerk, I maintain extremely accurate and accessible audio and hard copy records of that 17 year period. With on-site and off-site air-gapped storage systems, any loss of records on one system can easily be restored from the other two, typically in less than an hour.
On pages with the question mark you can find see some of the questions that I believe need to be asked of staff and council. If you agree and see a question that YOU feel needs to be answered, please feel free to ask the question and IF you ever get an answer, email us the response and we'll publish it on this site.
Because of the ban against me communicating with the township my ability to hold staff and councillors to account is very limited and costly (at $5.00 for every FOI request with another $25.00 to appeal when the delegated head deems the request VEXATIOUS because she has "personal issues" in responding as she has done now 4 times in a row!).
If you'd like to contact us, our email address is:

Peter Lomath - Webmaster

The reason for providing PROOF and support of what's happening in Clearview is because I have been warned by a number of people that the staff and THEIR council (it's no longer the council of the people!) are looking for a reason to file suit against me. So, with the written proof that is being provided, most of it from their own hand, YOU have the evidence needed to make a self determination of my concerns.

On information such as Freedom of Information records that were filed by others, we do REDACT the pertinent names and addresses to protect the privacy of the resident asking for the records.

In responses signed by civil servants or sent from their emails we INCLUDE all pertinent information to show just how they have dealt with a request and if there were any issues brought on by their responses.

Where there is supporting information available from another web site, for example the minutes of meetings, bylaws or policies on the web site, LINKS are provided for you to download their copies of documents, that way they can't accuse us of creating FAKE NEWS!

There's lots of reading here but if you are limited as to time PLEASE read the two articles on the voting process in Clearview and the concern that YOUR vote may be denied by software that the Township REFUSES to detail for its vote denying algorithms by denying FOI requests.
If there is one single question that needs to be asked of this council it is:

WHY are they allowing staff to decide almost everything related to governance, the spending of our tax dollars and to control every aspect of the information schema by ensuring the almost total absence of resident involvement?

Council is elected to represent the interests of taxpayers NOT to protect staff when they fail to comply with the requirements of the law or exceed their authority!